Telling Margot’s Family

To tell my sister and her family about our full-time RV plans, James and I decided to make a guessing game of it with the kids. At dinner, we announced that we were preparing for a big life change next summer and wanted to share it with them. Pausing to see if they would start asking 20 questions, we were surprised when my nephew Ben almost immediately guessed, “You are retiring to travel more!” So what could we say but, yes! While that was true, we quickly realized that there was a lot more to explain.

Their first question was about James’ job. When we said James is going to quit his job, Adrienne asked, don’t you like your job? Not really, I don’t love my job. But how can we afford to retire so early? Ben proposed a game of 2 lies, 1 truth where I make 3 statements and they have to guess which one is true. First up: how can we afford it? Options were: we won the lottery; we did well on our investments; we will live on our rental income (answer is C). But how can we live on our rental income when our rental income pays the mortgages? Answer is that we will sell our house to pay off the mortgages (didn’t quite get to 2 lies on that one).

Next is where are we going to live? Options: We will move to Mexico; we will become snowbirds in the southern US; or we will live in a Class A motorhome (answer is B). My sister thought sure we would be buying the Class A but no, we like our little trailer too much.  We had to explain to the kids what snowbirds are! Ben asked but how does that help you save money? James explained that you only have to save money until you retire. I said that it’s not cheap traveling in the USA but we can save money by living in our trailer! When Ben found out we would be living in our trailer he was surprised: “You are going to live in your trailer!?!” he asked! “Yes, we are going to live in our trailer!” I asserted. This clearly hadn’t occurred to him as a possibility. :o) Bronwyn was sad that she wouldn’t see us as often but I explained that we would only be away for the winter and would see them in the summertime. She seemed happy with this and said okay that’s good!

Next question: who will take care of our rentals while we are gone? Options: We will hire an outside property management company; we will place superman in one of our apartments and he will take care of it; we will assume nothing will go wrong and not worry about it (answer is B, we already placed a super man as our superintendent and he already dealt with a flood no problem!). Of course no one guessed Superman, they all guessed C, but this was a trick question!

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