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Reflections on RV life and travel.

Connecting with the Fulltime RV (FTRV) Community

A couple years ago, I (Margot) started using my Instagram account @margotbai to actively follow full-time RVers and post about RVing (see our blogroll on the right). It was a tool to learn more about the RV lifestyle from a full-timer perspective but also a link to a community of like-minded people with whom we hoped to one day connect IRL (in real life). By January, our set itinerary of reservations hadn’t crossed our path with anyone in this community. We had been happily making friends with the people we met along the way, including the vibrant winter guests during our month long on Jekyll Island. We also loved visiting our good friends Jeff Martin in North Carolina and Sean and Victoria in Jupiter, Florida. Still, we were missing the many wonderful friends we left back home and craving more: being constantly on the move had made new connections harder to form. By the time we arrived in the Florida Keys, we were itchy for a conversation beyond, “Where are you from?” and “How long is your trip?”

The first full-time RVers we connected with on the road! (Left to right: @campendium, @aluminarium, @tinyredcaravan, Brandon and Kerensa of @drivedivedevour), and myself)

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Finding your RV Lifestyle: Tips for Canadians

This blog post was originally published in Canadian MoneySaver Magazine, Nov/Dec 2016, Vol. 36, No. 3. By Margot Bai, Contributing Editor for CMS for over 10 years.

Do you dream of RVing around the continent on an extended road trip? Have you wondered how you could make this work, whether while working, or on sabbatical or in retirement, part-time or even full-time? The cliché Canadian Rver is the retired snowbird, escaping winters down south in their Class A “bus” motorhomes! But RV life has many iterations and this is perhaps it’s greatest strength: every RVer can create their own version of the lifestyle from type of rig to extent of travel, and means of funding.

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First Destination: North Carolina

Trip South

With the extra work we had to do that took us into November James was worried he would have to ride down in freezing temperatures or worse, with a threat of snow. We kept our eye on the forecasts and with the wild swings in weather this fall, we lucked out with a spot of warm dry weather on November 10th with a high of 15 C for James to ride south on the motorcycle. The upgrades and heated gear performed great!

We found a great overnight spot in Ridgway, PA and were treated to a nice sunrise! Free wifi was a short walk away at the gas station.
We found a great overnight spot in Ridgway, PA and were treated to a nice sunrise! Free wifi was a short walk away at the gas station.

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Selling our Townhouse: Mixed Emotions

Spring is here at last and we are in the midst of implementing our plan to transition to FTRV life! Winter felt extra-long with the anticipation of good things to come but still out of reach.  We enjoyed the fun of gradually telling our friends and family of our plans as we had opportunity to do so in person. For the past several years I have been downsizing our stuff but this winter I really ramped up selling unwanted items on kijiji as well as donations to Goodwill. Now we are on the cusp of putting our home on the market for sale and this, as it turns out, is the hardest part as it truly is the point of no return.

MagnottaMain (Medium)
Main floor kitchen with dining area and front living room.

A Beautiful Home that’s A Lot of Work
I’ve had a lot of time to think about our home over the winter: we’ve been here for almost 15 years, have decorated every room, some more than once, and have equipped this space to meet our needs as perfectly as possible. Features like the uber-powerful central vacuum system, the natural gas bbq, and the high-end elyptical machine have made this home convenient and enjoyable to live in. Quartz countertops, tumbled stone backsplash and under-cabinet lighting make a kitchen that is lovely to work in. My comfy sofa in front of the south facing picture window is a pleasant spot to read and the piano nearby an enjoyable distraction in my day.

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Being Odd Ducks and other thoughts

Being Odd Ducks
Did you know 80% of RVers are over the age of 50*? Not only that but most of the other 20% are work campers and/or travel with children. Boy, we are odd ducks out here: retired, childless, Canadian couple in their forties full-time RVing in a tiny travel trailer with a motorcycle on the road.  We are not going to meet many RVers quite like us.  I suspect that is true for most RVers: everyone has their own approach to the RV lifestyle and unique RV set-up.  Still, I think we are extra weird: Canadians full-timers are rare to begin with.  Most are retired snowbirds of retirement age and most have a much bigger RV than us.

IMG_8169 (Medium)
Margot with Sadie trackside at Mosport in August 2014. Our little trailer Nellie and very little Honda Jazz scooter!

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