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Connecting with the Fulltime RV (FTRV) Community

A couple years ago, I (Margot) started using my Instagram account @margotbai to actively follow full-time RVers and post about RVing (see our blogroll on the right). It was a tool to learn more about the RV lifestyle from a full-timer perspective but also a link to a community of like-minded people with whom we hoped to one day connect IRL (in real life). By January, our set itinerary of reservations hadn’t crossed our path with anyone in this community. We had been happily making friends with the people we met along the way, including the vibrant winter guests during our month long on Jekyll Island. We also loved visiting our good friends Jeff Martin in North Carolina and Sean and Victoria in Jupiter, Florida. Still, we were missing the many wonderful friends we left back home and craving more: being constantly on the move had made new connections harder to form. By the time we arrived in the Florida Keys, we were itchy for a conversation beyond, “Where are you from?” and “How long is your trip?”

The first full-time RVers we connected with on the road! (Left to right: @campendium, @aluminarium, @tinyredcaravan, Brandon and Kerensa of @drivedivedevour), and myself)

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Florida Keys

January 24 – February 7, 2017

Florida Keys

The Florida Keys, the distal point of our travels, was certainly expected to be a major highlight.  We had snagged a 2 week reservation at Long Key State Park on our 5th attempt at precisely 10 seconds before 8am on my birthday, January 24, 2016.  Yup, turns out the key to getting a hot ticket reservation is to click “Book Now” 10 seconds before the proper time.  Good to know.  You’re welcome.

Sunrise at our site in Long Key

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The Everglades

January 19 – 24, 2017

After our week long boondock at Miccosuki Casino visiting Miami and Shark Valley, our next stop was Long Pine Key Campground off the main road in Everglades National Park.  This first come first served (FCFS) campground has no services at the sites, but with a dump station and newly installed shower houses, it was perfect for us.  We were advised to arrive in the morning to be sure to get a spot so we moved south from Miccosukee to nearby Homestead FL the night before. 

We loved our week long stay at the Everglades! We loved seeing all the alligators, trudging through knee-deep water in the Cypress Dome, and learning about about the ecology of the “river of grass”

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Finding your RV Lifestyle: Tips for Canadians

This blog post was originally published in Canadian MoneySaver Magazine, Nov/Dec 2016, Vol. 36, No. 3. By Margot Bai, Contributing Editor for CMS for over 10 years.

Do you dream of RVing around the continent on an extended road trip? Have you wondered how you could make this work, whether while working, or on sabbatical or in retirement, part-time or even full-time? The cliché Canadian Rver is the retired snowbird, escaping winters down south in their Class A “bus” motorhomes! But RV life has many iterations and this is perhaps it’s greatest strength: every RVer can create their own version of the lifestyle from type of rig to extent of travel, and means of funding.

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Miami and Shark Valley

January 11 – 18, 2017


After a one night stop at Shawn and Victoria’s place in Jupiter (thanks again for the recharge with showers and laundry!) we continued south toward Miami. Neither of us had been there before, though we knew from TV shows like CSI Miami that it had towering condo buildings along the ocean. We knew better than to try to take our rig anywhere near the city itself. Fortunately the Miccosukee Casino located just west of Miami allows RVs free overnight parking. Done! We parked but remained hitched, lowering the jack post on blocks at the tongue of the trailer to level Nellie up. Late afternoon that first day, we piled on to the motorcycle with Sadie to explore Miami for the evening.

Margot enjoys Miami’s skyline with Sadie. Note: Sadie is secured with a proper dog harness that is strapped to Margot and sits on Margot’s lap during rides. She seems to like it and either sits or stands comfortably.
Margot enjoys Miami’s skyline with Sadie. Note: Sadie is secured with a proper dog harness that is strapped to Margot and sits on Margot’s lap during rides. She seems to like it and either sits or stands comfortably.

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