Monthly Archives: August 2016

Our First 3 Weeks

Arriving at Margot’s sister’s house in Brampton that Friday evening, we finally relaxed, sharing Indian takeout dinner with Mel. We cracked open a bottle of champagne, a gift from James’ sister to celebrate a successful move. After dinner, we unloaded Mel’s car, said our goodbyes and started unloading our van stuffed to the ceiling.

Conveniently, Margot’s sister’s family was away on vacation: we had the house to ourselves and we needed it. As we spread out the piles of stuff on the dining room floor, we realized that we still had way too much…

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Emptying our Home

Before one can embrace life on the open road full-time, there is one giant hurdle that must be leapt: emptying out all the things you have accumulated over the years in your sticks & bricks home. Planning and preparing for this life change over several years has made the process easier for us, since we were able to pare down gradually. However, it is still a huge task to make a decision on every single item you own and then physically move it out.

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