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High Demand
After just a week on the market, our lovely townhouse SOLD firm! We were lucky that the timing worked out with a very hot real estate market in the Greater Toronto Area in the spring of 2016. Our particular neighbourhood is in high demand, being close to Hwy 404 for easy access to the city and close to coveted amenities like Canadian Tire and T & T Supermarket. With limited available stock, houses were being snapped up fast this spring at premium prices. We followed the trend, listing low, running weekend open houses, and holding off offers for a week.

We did it! Sold in 1 week! Booyah!

We worked with our favorite real estate agent and friend, Taylor Sugar, who also assisted me with purchasing my last 2 rental properties. Open houses were busy and we were expecting multiple offers but only one registered. Fortunately for us, they were a motivated buyer, having lost out on purchasing 4 previous houses to other bidders before falling in love with our home. Taylor did an excellent job in showing them the comparables and setting their expectations on a realistic price range in the current market. The buyer cut right to their bottom line quickly in the negotiations and, recognizing a fair price, we accepted. The buyer had inspected the day before, also anticipating a bidding war, and gave us a firm offer with a substantial deposit and a closing date in late July. The deal was done.

Magnotta Kitchen (Medium)
Combined kitchen and dining area with quartz countertops, tumbled stone backsplash and under cabinet lighting.

A Mini-Crisis
We had one unexpected hiccup in the process: less than 2 hours before the first open house, our 14 year old hot water heater sprung a leak – a tiny spray shooting out the side. Moving fast, I caulked it to turn the spray into a drip and put a towel beneath to prevent the water from soaking the carpet which covered the floor drain at the bottom of the basement stairs in the finished area. Unfortunately when we returned that evening, the towel hadn’t been enough and the carpet had soaked though thankfully only after the open house! With another open house the following day, we dried the carpet overnight with fans and a dehumidifier and drained the hot water tank so the problem wouldn’t recur. The hot water heater was a rental – it wouldn’t cost anything to get a new one but it would lock in the buyer to another 10+ year-long rental contract. Some buyers prefer to own their tank (cheaper in the long run) or even put in an on-demand system – I had held off replacing the old one because it was working fine and I felt it was an advantage for the buyer to have the option. Continue reading SOLD!

Selling My CBR 1000RR

Post by Wobblycat

My current motorcycle is a 2007 Honda CBR1000RR and I love it! It’s fast, handles amazing, and is a looker! However, I need something that is comfortable for the passenger, something with luggage, something that Margot wants to ride, and something that is more fuel efficient wouldn’t hurt either.

I wanted my ad to catch people’s attention, and stir up some buzz, so here’s what I put together:

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Selling our Townhouse: Mixed Emotions

Spring is here at last and we are in the midst of implementing our plan to transition to FTRV life! Winter felt extra-long with the anticipation of good things to come but still out of reach.  We enjoyed the fun of gradually telling our friends and family of our plans as we had opportunity to do so in person. For the past several years I have been downsizing our stuff but this winter I really ramped up selling unwanted items on kijiji as well as donations to Goodwill. Now we are on the cusp of putting our home on the market for sale and this, as it turns out, is the hardest part as it truly is the point of no return.

MagnottaMain (Medium)
Main floor kitchen with dining area and front living room.

A Beautiful Home that’s A Lot of Work
I’ve had a lot of time to think about our home over the winter: we’ve been here for almost 15 years, have decorated every room, some more than once, and have equipped this space to meet our needs as perfectly as possible. Features like the uber-powerful central vacuum system, the natural gas bbq, and the high-end elyptical machine have made this home convenient and enjoyable to live in. Quartz countertops, tumbled stone backsplash and under-cabinet lighting make a kitchen that is lovely to work in. My comfy sofa in front of the south facing picture window is a pleasant spot to read and the piano nearby an enjoyable distraction in my day.

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