Monthly Archives: January 2016

Establishing a Mailing Address

As it turns out, the number one variable in determining where to change our mailing address is how this will affect the cost of our auto insurance. Auto insurance is very expensive in Ontario and pricing varies widely by location. Getting your vehicle rated for a different location than the mailing address is extremely difficult. Having cheap auto insurance saves on the tow vehicle and the motorcycle and may prove especially important if we get into trouble with tickets or at-fault accidents in the future. Ergo, I have asked my auto insurance company to quote me at 15 different friends and family addresses to help decide who we should approach to receive our mail. It’s a lot to ask someone so we don’t want to waste anyone’s time by asking the wrong person.

Results are in. Unfortunately, our closest family members live in the city with higher auto prices. The best rates are found to the north including Innisfil, Barrie, Orillia and surprisingly Mount Albert. The next best price is in Milton, followed by Grimsby and Niagara Falls where 2 of my sisters live – these would also be reasonable options for us as they would only be about $100 more on the tow vehicle per year compared to the most affordable areas.

Fortunately, our good friend Jenn in Mount Albert agreed to receive our mail for us so we are set! This is a huge relief as having a true “home” address, not just a post office box, is absolutely necessary for tax and insurance purposes. As they say, only criminals live at no fixed address! Mount Albert is also conveniently close to our rental properties where we will be storing our important papers so it will be very convenient to pick up our mail, sort and organize it and head over to storage to file away the important stuff. Another major step in our plan: check!