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Casino Camping Niagara!

Niagara Falls on the American Side
The casino stay in Niagara Falls NY was perfect – a spacious, fenced gravel parking lot largely to myself with free wifi from the casino reaching into my parking spot. The casino itself was too smoky for me to stay more than a few minutes before my eyes were stinging. But with the falls just a few blocks away, I couldn’t resist riding my bike down there with Sadie in the evening to check it out. They were so impressive: beautiful trails all around, with more places to walk and less crowded than the Canadian side, I went again the following morning!

Free casino camping at Seneca Niagara Casino!
Free casino camping at Seneca Niagara Casino!

Crossing back into Canada
Border crossing was smooth with my relatively empty fridge and inventory list in hand. Knowing what food items they don’t allow to cross the border (eg. citrus, eggs, meat) and planning ahead to be sure I am not carrying those things, helps a lot. I find if you can convey to the border agent that you know the regulations and have put effort into complying with them, they are less likely to feel the need to search your rig. From Niagara Falls I drove straight back to New Lowell to unhitch and head home.

Safe and sound back at our seasonal campsite at New Lowell Conservation Area Campground near Barrie, Ontario.